Battery Rack

One Tier Racks

One Tier Rack

These racks are been designed for all types of stationary battery models. In designing there easy-to-use racks, all main requirements, such as, strength, flexibility, acid-proof protection have been considered. These racks are light, small and easy to move and store.

Two Tier Racks

Two Tier Rack

The two-tier is the extension of the single-tier rack, whose components, stringers and supports can be used with special additional sets, coded 1002. Additional sets are necessary in order to permit overlaying the two tiers.

Certified Earthquake Proof Battery Racks

Certified Earthquake Proof Battery Rack

This modular rack system is based on the components of the standard rack system. By using of some additional components, such as stands, braces, telescopes and end holders it is possible to build a seismic rack. Dependence on the battery size and at corresponding choice of the rack components, racks can created with earthquake safety features according to the customer demands.

Cladded Racks

Cladded Racks

The cladded rack systems are designed for all types of stationary battery models. The basic module is our standard battery racks including the modular cladded panels.

Customized Racks

Customized Rack

The cladded rack systems are customised to fit all types of stationary battery. Either standard or customised designs, these racks have the option to include modular cladded panels.