We offer complete range of industrial AC and DC power systems, as well as nickel cadmium and lead acid batteries according to your specific requirements, or a solution for your most critical demanding applications.

NIKSA - Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Industrial and Standard UPS are designed with 1GBT Power Conversion Bridge Microprocessor control, and LCD panel.

NIKSA - Rectifier / Battery Charger

Rectifier / Battery Charger

Industrial heavy duty Rectifier/Battery Charger are designed for all applications requiring DC Power Supply.

NIKSA - Inverter


Industrial Inverters are designed for critical applications that require stable AC power supply. Input rating: 110/220/440 VDC.

NIKSA Switch Mode Rectifier

Switch Mode Rectifier

Modular Switch Mode Rectifiers are specifically designed to recharge all type of stationary batteries for Telecom, Marine and Petrochemical.

NIKSA - Load Bank

Load Bank

Load banks are devices with dummy loads, specifically designed for battery discharge testing or testing of power sources such as battery chargers...

NICA - Nickel Cadmium Battery

Nickel Cadmium Battery

NICA nickel cadmium batteries are produced by the world's number one manufacturer in Europe, who specialises in the design...

Leadline - Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

LEADLINE product line offers a compete range of high performance, high quality and highly reliable industrial batteries.

Leadline - Vented Lead Acid Battery

Vented Lead Acid Battery

High performance batteries are designed to give long services life. Most of the battery complies with...

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source, it has many benefits over electricity from power plant diesel generators, which does...


Battery Racks

These racks are design for all types of stationary battery models. The design of these easy-to-uses racks is based on all main...