Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source. It has many benefits over electricity comparing to power plant diesel generators, which does not need regular provision of fuel. Solar panel can be installed in many sizes from home to industrial system and can be used for tropical to desert environments.

Solar Energy - Polycrystalline Silicon Panels

Polycrystalline Silicon Panel

Polycrystalline silicon panels are the most commonly used that offers better cost efficiency and low maintenance cost compared to other types of silicon solar panels. Consisting of many individual PV cells, each individual cell is isolated, making it possible for replacement of a damage independent cell without the need to replace the entire panel.

Solar Energy - String Ribbon Silicon Panels

String Ribbon Silicon Panel

String ribbon silicon panels are made in a similar way as the polycrystalline silicon panels, resulting in almost the same electricity return rate of 12% to 14%. Unlike polycrystalline silicon panels, string ribbon silicon panels are made of PV cells fabricated in silicon strips bonded to metal bars to form a cell.

Solar Energy - Amorphous Silicon Panels

Amorphous Silicon Panel

Amorphous silicon panels are made of amorphous silicon without the crystal structure found in crystalline silicon. They are the most cost efficient, compared to other solar panels. However, they have the lowest electricity return rate of about 5%-6%. Typical applications include home and office equipments, telemetry, telecommunication, solar powered transport, solar generation systems, traffic systems and lightings, and many more.