Vented Lead Acid Battery

Leadline - Vented Lead Aciid Battery - Type PPH

Model: Type PPH - Vented Pasted Plate

Type PPH are designed as heavy duty standby batteries, best possible compromise in pasted plate technology. Ideally used to backup and maintain power supply continuity when a power failure or disruption occurs, may it be seconds or hours. It is suitable for applications in safety and emergency lighting, control and signalling devices, power generators plants, standby power for railways network, and marine generator start-up.

Features and Benefits

  • Stable float charge characteristics
  • Excellent deep discharge capabilities - over 1000 cycles
  • Extremely long interval between distilled water topping up
  • Eliminates premature failure due to antimonial poisoning
  • Capable of withstanding high temperatures for limited period
  • Reliable and high performance


  • Safety and emergency lighting
  • Control and signalling devices
  • Power generations plants
  • Standby power for railways network
  • Marine generator start-up

Capacity Range

  • Cell 2V: 480Ah - 2240Ah


PPH series batteries utilized either antimony or calcium as the hardening agent for the lead alloys of the pasted plates. The combination of Low Antimony with a proportion of Selenium in the grid alloy creates a dense fine grain structure that makes the alloy corrosion resistant and eliminates inter-granular corrosion that commonly causes cell failure

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