Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

NIKSA - UPS  - NP4033 Seriess

Product: NP4033 Series

Model: 10kVA - 800kVA

NP 4033 series are three-phase output. A true on-line double conversion UPS system designed with the most advanced electronic technology equipped with microprocessor control, digital communication for remote supervision, and IGBT power technology. It is suitable for applications in IT systems, process control systems, telecommunication facilities, instrumentation and control, power stations, and air traffic control systems.

Key Features

  • IGBT technology
  • Digital control
  • True on-line double conversion
  • Progress Battery Management (PBM) with temperature compensation
  • Individual phase control of inverter voltage and current
  • High frequency PWM giving instant respond to changes in load conditions
  • Integral static and manual bypass
  • Low noise and heat rejection
  • Safety and protection to meet the highest industrial demands
  • Microprocessor controlled LCD mimic and control
  • RS232 and RS485 communication ports
  • SNMP protocol
  • Voltage free contacts


  • IT systems, process control systems
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Systems in power stations
  • Industrial plants
  • Air traffic control systems


  • Units of any power rating can be connected in any configuration
  • Parallel connections up to eight systems
  • Hot and Cold standby unlimited systems
  • Advanced Power Management (APM) - automated auto-start of systems with an increase in load
  • Any combination of parallel, hot or cold standby connected as a single system

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