Switch Mode Rectifier

NIKSA - Switch Mode Rectifier - Control Module

Product: Control Module

Model: AL175NT / CU 2000

The control module is a plug-in monitoring and control unit, specifically designed to provide alarm indication and management for the DC power systems. The AL 175NT model supports the NSP 1000I rectifier modules, and the CU 2000 model supports the NSP 2000H rectifier modules. Both models are capable of controlling up to 16 rectifier modules. Working as the central unit for the telecom modules, it is suitable for applications in telecommunications and data networks.

Key Features

AL 175NT Model:

  • LCD panel with keypad for local monitoring and control
  • RS 232 interface for PC or remote monitoring and control
  • 6 configurable alarm voltage free contacts
  • Automatic monitoring and discharging of battery
  • Hot plug-in
  • Up to 256 of alarm or event logs

CU 2000 Model:

  • Full alarm and automatic protection function
  • Battery monitoring function
  • 8 digital inputs, and 8 analog inputs
  • 12 relay outputs, 1 digital output, and 1 analog voltage output
  • RS 232 interface


  • Telecommunications
  • Data networks

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