Switch Mode Rectifier

NIKSA - Switch Mode Rectifier - Telecom Module

Product: Modular Switch Mode Rectifier

Model: NSP 1000I / NSP 2000H

The telecom module is a single-phase compact battery charger and rectifier that can be standalone or working in parallel as part of a DC power system. With or without battery, the modules provide high quality, reliable DC power for telecommunication applications. Adopting the hot plug-in concept, the modules make the systems ultra compact and allows minimal complexity in the cable management. The NSP 1000I model has 48V (50A) DC output, whereas the NSP 2000H model has 24/48/60V (10/30/60A) DC outputs. It is suitable for applications in telecommunications and data networks.

Key Features

  • Ultra compact design
  • Digitally controlled
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Input and output protection
  • Heat management
  • High power density


  • Telecommunications
  • Data networks


  • Control modules: AL175NT for NSP 1000I models or CU 2000 for NSP 2000H models
  • Local and remote control by utilizing TCP/IP technology and monitoring of power equipments through a window internet explorer browser

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