Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Leadline - Sealed Lead Acid Battery - Type 12V Front Terminal
Model: Type 12V Front Terminal - AGM / GEL

The 12V front terminal is an AGM or GEL type stationary battery, designed ideally for telecommunication applications. The AGM type is suitable for starting and stationary applications, and UPS standby where power outages are uncommon, while the GEL type is suitable for heavy demand applications and unstable mains power. Typical applications include uninterrupted power supply, medical, telecommunications, switch gear, instrumentation and control systems, and many more.

Features and Benefits

  • 19” shelf integration
  • Front connections and terminal access
  • Maintenance free throughout battery life, no water top up required
  • Long design life
  • Able to withstand extreme operating condition
  • Low internal resistance
  • Low self discharge


  • Uninterrupted power supplies
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Switch gear
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Cellular radio stations
  • Navigation aids
  • Marine equipment
  • Electric power systems

Capacity Range

  • Block 12V: 39.4Ah - 202Ah


Both front access AGM and GEL type batteries use the gas combination technology. The distinctive features of the battery types are the construction of the batteries. Both battery types’ positive and negative grids are cast with calcium/tin lead alloy that reduces grid growth and corrosion, and the active material is manufactured using high purity lead that minimizes impurities which causes corrosion and self-discharge. An additional feature of the AGM type is the “S wrapping” in the construction that is employed to enhance the reduction in possible short circuits due to mossing or debris at the bottom of the cell.

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