Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Leadline - Sealed Lead Acid Battery - Type NE OPzV Range

Model: Type NE OPzV Range - Tubular Plate

Leadline OPzV batteries are designed based on over 100 years of product development and innovation and has exceptional energy storage capacity combined with long life. Maintenance free, as no topping up is required throughout the battery life, and ready to use when delivered, offers the users substantial savings on installation and maintenance cost. It is suitable for applications in power generation, emergency lighting, security and control devices, railways and telecommunication.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance free throughout battery life
  • Ready to use - no commission needed
  • Extremely low self discharge rate
  • High quality and performance
  • Long life: 15 years for 6 - 12 Volt blocks and 18 years for 2 Volts cells


  • Power generation
  • Emergency lighting
  • Security and control devices
  • Railways
  • Telecommunication

Capacity Range

  • Block 6V-12V:  91Ah -   274Ah
  • Cell 2V:          200Ah - 3000Ah


The distinctive feature of the NE OPzV range battery is the design of the battery to withstand higher operating temperature environment. Constructed with robust tubular plate incorporating a special grip, pressure cast from antimony-free alloy with highly porous gauntlets that retain the active material and the negative plate pasted construction with a service life compatible to the positive plate.

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