Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Leadline - Sealed Lead Acid Battery - Type Solar

Model: Type Solar - GEL

The Leadline Solar Battery range are designed specifically for the renewable energy applications that demands long life, deep cycle, low internal resistance, superior charge acceptance and energy density. Constructed in a tightly packed plate, these batteries are capable of withstanding a high degree of shock and vibration; well-suitable for mobile applications It is suitable for applications in telecommunication, telemetry, solar power system, wind power system, navigation aids, street lights and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Terminals cast from copper alloy for better electrical connections
  • Maintenance free throughout battery life
  • Positive plated lead calcium alloy and negative plated lead calcium
  • Non spillable battery, for mobile application
  • No protruding or exposure of vent valves


  • Solar power systems
  • Wind power systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Village power
  • Medical refrigeration
  • Telemetry
  • Navigation Aids (sea and air)
  • Residential homes and offices
  • Traffic systems and lightings

Capacity Range

  • Block 6V-12V:  34Ah - 246Ah
  • Cell 2V:          534Ah - 915Ah


Leadline Solar Batteries provide users superior reliability, high performance power, and extended cycle life.

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